NEWS REPORT #5: Expectations for COP26

As COP25 ended with disappointment and great opportunities overlooked, increased responsibilities are devolved upon this year’s UN climate summit to find a way out of the current climate predicament.


Besides expectations for ambitious movements from rich nations, COP26 is supposed to face the onus of optimizing its financial resources. In view of the fact that the holding cost can possibly escalate to more than £200m, a full breakdown of the expense for organizing the conference from the London government can corroborate its cost-effectiveness to taxpayers and pave the way for a stronger coalition in global climate actions; thus producing desired achievements.

Considering the all-pervasive influence of climate change and other environmental challenges, there arises the need for multilateral cooperation to ensure comprehensive education with a view to furnishing the young generation with consciousness, skill sets and deeper insights into the problem. Not until all school curricula have been well orientated and its overriding importance recognized can governments rely upon the youngsters’ resourcefulness to accomplish their missions.

“At the moment, we are seeing massive loopholes that are threatening to undermine the climate action at a time when we know we need more climate action… We need to make sure we set up carbon markets that work for people, work for the planet, work for the environment and truly reduce emissions.”, said Gilles Dufrasne, carbon-pricing policy officer at Carbon Market Watch. If the Paris Agreement is to be kept on track, one of the main concerns has to do with establishing final guidelines for the carbon markets in order to reach a consensus among nations. Corruption and non-transparency should, by all means, be eliminated, and other problems also entail offsetting opportunities in developing countries, as well as operating in accordance with sustainable development goals.

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