Empathizing with the frequent overwhelmed mentality of MUN novices prior to conference, QMS decided to launch “Weekly Vocab” with our introductory post about a “significant weapon” each and every Delegate must be equipped with before “entering battlefield”. It is, the one and only “Position Paper”. So…

Position Paper is an essay serving as a summary of your knowledge of the topic at hand and your country’s stance as well as plan of action, presented to the Chairs prior to a MUN conference.


Topic Background: This section tends to cover a brief history of the given topic, current situation of the issue, potential outcomes in the foreseeable future as well as past international endeavors. This is undoubtedly the golden opportunity for you to assert your awareness of the assigned topic and relevant countries that might be your future allies as well.

Country’s Stance: Its content is quite similar to Topic Background. Instead of an international overview, you only focus on a national scale. Furthermore, your country’s unique stance reflected through its policy, statements from your country’s leaders, statistical background, past actions, etc. must be incorporated.

Suggested Solutions: This section is the culmination of what you have known so far and your personal touch on the topic, which is still in line with your country’s perspective. What kind of humanitarian program would you implement? How would you cooperate with other countries to alleviate climate change? The more you research, the more complete and creative your plan of action becomes.

We hope that the above content can help you have further glimpses into MUN. Stay tuned for more interesting insights into all things MUN. See you guys next week!

Position Paper Sample: http://bit.ly/2T22Ki2

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